Items status

Pre-order deadline: XX.XX.XXXX : this item is on pre-order until the deadline then the status change.

Pre-order : the deadline has already passed but a stock of this item is planned so you are sure to get this one.

Tentative pre-order : the deadline has already passed, we have to check with our suppliers if the item is still available to pre-order. It can takes few weeks to check because the suppliers may have to re-order the item from the manufacturers. If the item is no longer available your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.

Back order : this item is not in stock but it's possible to get it from suppliers, we have to check if it's still available. It can take few weeks to dispatch the item if this one is a japan import. If the item is no longer available your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.


What is this VAT on my cart ?

It is the value added tax you pay everyday on each purchase, the french VAT is equal to 5.5% for artbooks/books and 20% for the others products.  If your delivery address is not in EU then the french VAT will be 0.


Will customs tax my package ?

If your delivery address is in EU (overseas territory excluded) your package will not be taxed.


When my pre-order will be shipped ?

An estimated time of arrival (ETA) is visible on each pre-order item description, this ETA is when our supplier get this product in stock. This ETA may outdated, in that case your order status should be "waiting for stock" else we are waiting for our supplier ETA update.

Your order status change to "waiting for stock" when the products are on the way to our stock, it takes 1 to 3 weeks before your order arrive here depending of the supplier country.


Can I pay my pre-order later ?

No it's not possible anymore, due to customers abuses we no longer offer this possibility. But  we offer a 3 times payment without fees from 80 euros orders to not spend too much money at once.


Can I cancel my pre-order/tentative pre-order ?

Customers can cancel their pre-order and be refund if it's done before the pre-order deadline.

You can't cancel an order if the item is marked "back order", "pre-order" or "tentative pre-order".


Combine pre-order and in stock items.

If a pre-order has a release date close (2 to 3 weeks) to another order, they are combined except if you don't want it, notify us in that case.